The Idea Started with a Passion for Fun and Innovative Cooking!

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re the new kids on the block making heads turn with our Flavorful Crystals!


We believe in solely using high quality, fresh and all natural ingredients to make our crystals. We use REAL herbs, flowers and fruits that are harvested at its peak for the most intense flavors and colors. That’s right, the color and taste of our crystals are purely from its natural form and all we mix in is pure cane sugar to add a sweet and delectable taste to any type of food.

Whether you’re an expert cook or a kitchen newbie, there’s always a new way to add some extra fun! And we’re Kosher Certified. That makes us even cooler… Right?

What Are Our Goals?

We want to make a difference in your FOOD! We specialize in turning fresh farm produce into exciting & flavorful crystals that add the extra pizzazz to your recipes.

We hope our flavor innovations inspire new family recipes and excite kitchen stars!

How to Use, You Ask?

Well... Savortree Crystals are designed to go well with any type of dish. You can sprinkle it onto your fresh cut fruit, salads, desserts, teas and lattes, and even savory dishes!


The Savortree brand represents the many flavors of herbs, fruits and flowers that we believe can be experienced in a new way.

Go Crazy, Sprinkle on Some Magic!