If you can't leave for vacation, we'll bring the vacation to you! Let the sweet and tangy flavors of our Hibiscus Crystals take you to a tropical paradise. The rich burgundy colors make a unique statement on your desserts, creative cocktails, and drinks. The bold hints of citrus flavors pair great with seafood or whatever savory dish that needs a wake-up call (nope, not exaggerating). 

Ingredients: Real Hibiscus Flowers + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

Yum, sweet licorice flavor! These crystals are made from fennel flowers, which have a warm, beautiful and sweet anise/licorice flavor. Even if you're not a fan of licorice, you will love these sweet Fennel Crystals! Add to chocolate for a unique, delightful twist. Sprinkle on salmon for a touch of crunch, color and floral flavor! 

Ingredients: Real Fennel Flowers + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

Flower Crystals®  Rose

Flower Crystals®  Hibiscus

Flower Crystals®  Fennel

It's time to stop and smell the rose crystals -- yes, crystals! The delicate yet strong flavors of our Rose Crystals literally allow you to "taste the bouquet." The stunning ruby-pink crystals are perfect for any occasion. Whether you need to wind down with a cup of tea or spruce up your Valentine's day dinner, Rose Crystals will be there for you year-round!  

Ingredients: Real Rose Petals + Cane Sugar. That's it.