Fiesta in your mouth! Cilantro Crystals are perfect for sprinkling on tacos, seafood, salsa, gazpacho, ceviche, guacamole, stir-fries and more!

Add to sweets like lime sorbet or key lime pie. Cilantro Crystals are tasty as they are colorful and can even be used in cocktails, such as tequila-based drinks and Bloody Marys.  

Ingredients: Real Cilantro + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

Indulge in the perfect hot sauce without the sauce but with all the crunch. With our Habanero Crystals you can easily add a peppery kick to any dish (even your desserts!). We dare you to try these on top of your sushi, tacos, and even top off your sweet treats like chocolate, gelato, and pastries!

Ingredients: Real Habanero Peppers + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

Mmmm, ginger! Such zest, much flavor! Oh how our Ginger Crystals keep us balanced and zen! These crystals maintain the original and very distinct flavors that you would find in normal ginger but with much more character! Try this spicy goodness in your sweet and savory dishes for an added zing and experience Ginger in a whole new way! 

Ingredients: Real Ginger + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

Out with the old and in with the new! Refresh and rejuvenate your place with Mint Crystals. Let the crunchy textures leave a lasting flavor in your mouth and a lasting impression on your plate. These vibrant crystals will add the extra umph to your recipes in flavor and appeal. We'd recommend letting it melt in your tea, freshen up your fruits and brighten up your salads. Bye bye mint leaves.

Ingredients: Real Mint + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

Love basil? If so, then you'll LOVE Basil Crystals! Think same fresh basil flavor with a sweet crunch. Add to sweet. Add to savory. Try Basil Crystals on watermelon, vanilla ice cream, fruit salad and strawberry tarts. Add some pizazz to classic Italian dishes like Caprese, pesto and carbonara. Sprinkle on some magic! Buon appetito! 

Ingredients: Real Basil + Cane Sugar. That's it. 

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